Welcome to the first post of Stuck on Repeat, or SoR. I have those weeks in life where I just play a song over and over and over again, with no end in sight. Clearly, this means I should tell the world about it. So let's see how this goes I suppose.

The inaugural post involves a song from The Glitch Mob's inaugural album, Drink the Sea. I really enjoy this album, and the song that's stuck on repeat is We Swarm.

The song is upbeat as hell. It always seems to add something new while keeping a familiar rhythm to it. The middle section drops low so that the end third hits you harder, with its more hurried pace. Finally, it winds down, so that you don't feel like you've been cut off from a super high point.

We Swarm gets your head moving almost subconsciously. It's great study music, and it's what I've drawn the past two comics to. It's varied enough to not get boring, but it has a rhythm that anchors you.

PS: I'm not really a music critic, if you couldn't tell. It's difficult for me to describe music. It almost feels like describing color to a blind person. So maybe SoR won't last long. We'll see. Maybe I'll feel less awkward about it the more I post.


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