The site seems to be finished. For now at least.

There are some small things that I want to revise. However, the big picture is that the functionality for most of the site is up and running. Many thanks to Cole ( for helping with the setup of Grav.

Grav is the content management system used to making the site. If you happen to notice simmilarities between this site and Cole's, it's because we're using the same CMS. Go figure.

Anyway, I plan on getting a comic up tonight. It's the first comic I ever made for a publication. It's being redone. I'll find a way to put up the old version. Probably in a blog post.

I want this project to be a constant flow of content. Not everyday, I have my expectations. However, I don't want it to just be a spattering of comic. We'll see where this goes.


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