My close friend Brian recently had a baby girl, and I thought that making an alphabet book for her would be an awesome gift. However, I hadn't put digital pen to digital paper until her 1st birthday was coming up. In reality, I meant to start it earlier (I really did), but there were things out of my control that stopped that from happening.

So, essentially, I had much less time than originally intended to make this thing, but I mean, how difficult could an alphabet book be?

More difficult than you or I would imagine. Allow me to list the ways:

  1. There were 26 separate images I had to make. Even if you take 10 minutes to draw each picture, the entire thing would take 4 hours and 20 minutes. I didn't take 10 minutes. I took more on quite a few.
  2. I had the idea that for each letter, there would be one page dedicated to the image, and the opposite page would be me ranting about it. For example, C would be for cat, and I would complain about how cats put their buttholes on everything. Basically, I tried to throw re-readability into the book. Use it once to learn the alphabet, use it again to see my bad jokes. That took time, and I'm sad to say I made typos. Not my finest work.
  3. It was my first project in quite a while. I haven't drawn in a long time, and I was definitely rusty. I also may have been in over my head, underestimating just how time consuming this would be.

Was it worth it? Even with the typos? Even with how I struggled? Even with a ragged sleep schedule?

Of course.

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