Man I love Pokemon (as you can see here).

When I was planning on remastering old comics, I figured that I'd go in order. Then I looked at the old comics, and realized that certain comics are only appropriate for certain times. So plans changed. I looked through the old comics to decide which one I wanted to go over. And I saw this.

This comic was easily my favorite one when I made it, and continues to be one of my favorites. Pokemon and silly wordplay combine to create the ultimate comic. Even the title "Catch Rate" references Pokemon. And fishing. Genius. The best part is that if you don't know anything about Pokemon, you can still find humor in the punchline. However, you get more out of it if you do understand. It's probably an old joke, but I feel the Pokemon angle is new enough. I've been wrong before.

On another note, I think that this comic a day thing seems to be working out so far. I still think it's unsustainable, but until I run out of old comics to rehash and my backlog of ideas dry up, I think it'll keep going. five favorite Pokemon:

  1. Cinccino
  2. Latias
  3. Jigglypuff
  4. Cyndaquil
  5. Whimsicott

    Let the hate commence.


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