Before I say anything about the comic (which you can find here), I would just like to say...I'm bad at people drawing.

This comic is actually a new one. I thought that alternating between old and new comics would work out for everyone. If you've seen all of the old ones, you get refreshing content. If you haven't seen the old still get refreshing content. Just more of it.

The origin of this one was from a T&T Supermarket. If you've never been to a T&T, it's like Asia things in a box. And matcha Pocky. Turns out it's the best Pocky. Anyway, I saw a before and after comparison for a weight loss booth, and the after photo was decidedly more cheerful. It was amusing to think about how it would look the other way around. This was around a year ago.

There were two reasons why this comic took so long to create. First, people are REALLY difficult to draw. I'm clearly not good at it. It broke away from the very simple style of my previous comics, and I don't plan on moving away from it anytime soon. However, the joke relied on some form of width in the people. Stick figures are terrible for this. I hope that the humans were servicable for the comic. I don't really like them, but that may just be me.

The second reason was from the punchline. I'd rather not offend anyone for anything, but in today's culture, you can't say anything without someone calling you out for fat shaming, or thin shaming, or any shaming whatsoever. However, aiming to be politically correct about anything you do is, while a nice thing to think about, is virtually impossible. So I put this up with the hope that people understand that I'm not a horrible person. I also hope that people understand that worse things are on the way. In my opinion anyway.


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